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Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB (STEL8000200)

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Hey guys,


if anyone in EU is interested. Just bought the mentioned external HDD here in Germany for 149€ incl. VAT. Price usually 179-199€. So that´s a good deal.


You can get this on ebay and amazon.






Have a great time.





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Hi Johnnie,


nope, I didn´t. I just ordered it on a local shop to pick it up after work. The tests and reviews to this disk have shown that Seagate uses this Seagate Archive HDD v2 8TB, SATA 6Gb/s (ST8000AS0002) internal. I won´t use it internal on the server, it´s for external backup purpose.

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1 hour ago, hitman2158 said:


AFAIK that used to be the drive used but has been since changed to the ST8000DM004, which appears to perform worse and also also has a very low workload rating, not enough for a monthly parity check.


I'd be tempted to buy one with the Archive drive, but it won't interest me if it's the newer model.



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Okay, will check this. It is only an additional backup of the data. As you can see I have a mediaserver and a backupserver, so the new external drive is just for emergency purpose. First copy of data will take some time, 99% of the data will never change. So in future there will be only minor changes like new rips of media. 


But I will inform our nice forum here with the results of preclear process and copy process of data. Also will check which internal drive is used.

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1,5 h with preclear, average speed 193 MB/s, 13%, pre-read

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Missing info

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Short info to the community regarding this external disk:


write speed started with around 190MB/s, disk is now filled with around 2,2TB, speed is between 170-180 MB/s


copying around 5TB in one go of movies on mediatower to the external disk via USB3.0


think the bottleneck are the old internal disks in the array


will check tomorrow on my gaming rig with some big files, disk then should be filled aroung 5,3 or 5,4TB

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So okay, drive is filled with 5,3TB


Speedtest on gaming rig: copy of "Alien (1979).mkv", file size 26,3GB


Win10pro (up to date)

i7-6700k, 16GB RAM

copy from external seagate to internal Samsung SSD 840 EVO roughly 145MB/s

copy from internal Samsung SSD 840 EVO to external seagate roughly 180MB/s


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much more info

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I just picked up one of these in the US and I've got the ST8000DM004 in mine.


Did you have any issues with powering it on once you pulled it from the external case? I've got a WD80EZAZ and my PSU doesn't properly supply the 3.3v on whichever pins it is on the power connector, so I had to cover them over. I'd prefer to do that on this one before installing it in the case, since that's a bit of a pain on my system.

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Hey FreeMan, or should I say Gordon?😀


Nope, I don´t have any issues. As I described my usecase is just external emergency backup. Drive is still working fine.

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