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Disk problems. Faulty PSU?

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The last few weeks I've been having all sorts of problems. I need to rebuild my parity, but I see a whole bunch of errors on several disks when i try to start this.

I've replaced SATA-cables, rechecked them. I bought a new PCI-e SATA controller, but I keep seeing the same problems each time. I've run short SMART reports and those complete without error.


This system with the same disks used to run just fine, so now I'm thinking it might be a faulty power supply? Can anyone check my diagnostics and tell me if I'm on the right track or if I need to look elsewhere first/instead.



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All your disks have a lot of UDMA_CRC errors, most in the thousands, are you monitoring these? They could be old errors but If they are still increasing there's a connection problem.

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They keep increasing each and every time. I've changed cables (one disk to another), bought new cables, bought the new SATA controller, checked power and sata cables. Changed the connections to the motherboard, but they keep showing up and it seems to be hitting all disks so I can't pinpoint it.

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If they keep increasing there's still a problem, although not a common cause it can be the power supply, try a different one.

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Quick update in case anyone else has similar problems :


I tried a different PSU, but got the same errors.

Now I've reconnected the old PSU but skipped all the SATA2 ports on the motherboard. 

Sync is now running and so far so good.


Fingers crossed!

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