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Connecting to and using a win10 vm


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I have a win10 vm running. I can connect to it using Chrome desktop and it works fine but it shows 'you're sharing your desktop' banner which is annoying. 


I have 2 old laptops that are blank - 120G ssd's fitted, no OS.


I'd like to connect each laptop to it's own win10 VM so both laptops can be used at the same time.


What I'd like to do is power on a laptop and it runs exactly as if it was actually running windows10 itself.


What's needed on the laptop to do this? Win10, Linux, chrome os, other?


I guess some companies must do this?


I'd like to allow gaming at a later date; I'll mess with gpu passthrough some other day but it's a consideration. Usb would need to be passed thru from laptop to vm to allow pen drives to be used etc.

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