Can not type pipe '|' key via unraid vnc


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Hi guys,


I have a few linux vms created with unraid and I am struggling to find a way to type pipe(|) in terminal via unraid vnc, either the browser version of novnc or tightvnc viewer. the keyboard mapping are all default to us keyboard, they all turn '|' to '>' for either lubuntu, manjaro or mxlinux.


when I ssh in, everything works just fine.


Could anyone give some suggestions?

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I'm having the same issue and not only does typing the '|' character ('shift + \' ) produce '>' and not the expected '|'  but the '<' key ('shift + ,') also produces '>' and not the expected '<'.  typing the non-shifted characters works fine, \ and ,


I've tried the browser vnc, tight vnc and tiger vnc.


unraid 6.5.3


arch linux typing 'SHIFT + \' produces '>' and 'SHIFT + <' produces '>'

ubuntu 14.04 typing 'SHIFT + \' produces '>' and 'SHIFT + <' produces '>'


osx high sierra both 'SHIFT + \' and 'SHIFT +' , produce a '+' over top a '_' (a "plus-minus" symbol if you will)


windows 10 - the '\' and '|' can be typed fine, but 'SHIFT + ,' produce '|' instead of '<' and 'SHIFT + .' produce '|' instead of '>'


If any logs or anything are needed, please lmk

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I am also experiencing the same issue reported here.



ubuntu 16.04 typing 'SHIFT + \' produces '>' and 'SHIFT + <' produces '>'


I was setting up a new server when I experienced this issue.  I then tried booting an existing Ubuntu server that I've used for 2 years, initially setup in an unRAID VM with no issues with the pipe character.  When trying to type a pipe character, this old server also produced a > instead of |.  This appears to be an issue with either unRAID, or more likely the noVNC being used.


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5 hours ago, eschultz said:

Probably in a week.  QEMU 3.0 was just released so we'll get that in to the public unRAID 6.6-rc release too.

Any chance that includes the HTML5 SPICE client and SPICE integration?
Spice is way more cohesive to a VM than VNC is.

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