32GB ECC installed, 16GB showing in BIOS 15.882 in unRaid


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Just bought 32GB of Hynix ECC for my unRaid server, 8GB just wasn't cutting it for VMs and dockers combined. Problem is, I installed them and in BIOS I see only 16GB and unRaid seems to think I have 32GB installed but only 15.882 GB is allocated. I know this may be a more general hardware issue here but I could really use a hand figuring out why. I tested sticks one at a time and they are being detected as 4GB each when they are 8GB DIMMS. I am using an AMD FX8350 on a Sabertooth V2. Here is the exact model of ram I got and a few pics of how unRaid sees them. it is literally just addressing half of the memory on each stick.


I figured you guys here are much smarter than I am so you may have some insight that could help me here. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.




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I have a Sabertooth 990FX with FX8150.

I have had 2 x 8GB Crucial ECC 1333MHz installed for some years with no problems. On Friday I added an additional 1 x 8GB Crucial ECC 1600MHz DIMM. Installed in the 3rd socket along, counting away from the CPU socket. Again, no problem. 24GB installed and usable.

This morning, I added another Crucial 8GB ECC 1600MHz DIMM. Now I get 24.056GB Usable, 32GB installed.


Confirmed all DIMMs are running nicely at 1333MHz. I haven't twiddled anything in the BIOS. If anyone has had any experience with this and knows how to get 32GB usable, I'd be very pleased to hear how.

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