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Preclear broken in 6.5.3 ?


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I have been running my array fine since i replaced my LSI Card and had my new Hard Drive RMA, RMA'd again.

My server has been running fine and i have stressed it out a bit over the last 2 weeks.

I put in the new Hard Drive and i ran preclear and i started getting read errors again it dropped my Parity drives once again.


I formatted the new hard drive and did my parity rebuild on both Parity disks again and no issues.

I stressed the new drive with endless read and writes and no issues.

It appears that the preclear plugin is causing some kind of weirdness for me, is the plugin broken or is it something to do with my board.


I have a Z87 EVGA board running a 4770 i7, i do have 15 Drives total, 8 on the LSI card and 7 on the onboard SATA.

I can't work out if its a plugin problem or an issue with my hardware, but it works fine when i stress it without the plugin so i am unsure what is going on here.

anyone have any pointers ?

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