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Network Performance Dips

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So, I'm pretty new to unraid.


While doing some file transfer tests, I've noticed some interesting behaviour in transfer speeds, and am wondering if it's related to the use of the cache in unraid.


My previous setup was ubuntu server, running plex server.    In that setup, all hardware was the same, except my M.2 drive was used as a boot device.  In the unraid setup, the M.2 drive is setup as a cache.  I didn't experience this behaviour under ubuntu.


See the attached images.  The one showing approx 1Gbps is a single transfer from one client machine.  In the second image ~2Gbps is from 2 clients. 


In the image showing 2Gbps, the server drops to near zero for several seconds, and then picks back up to ~2Gbps. The ~1Gbps transfer remains relatively constant throughout.


Both clients were transferring large .mkv files.


The server is setup as 802.3ad(4), and the switch is configured correctly.  



I know it's likely difficult to diagnose with such little information, but I figured I'd see if this is a common problem, or if someone immediately recognizes the behaviour.






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