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Noob New Build Please Help

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Hi all,


Could someone have a quick look over these components and give me the all clear?


I basically only use the server to watch my movie rips on my Nvidia Shield and HTPC. I do not require the system to be able to do vm's dockers etc. The movies currently (even the 4k ones) work fine off my Nas that has 1gb ddr in Raid 5 Array through a Gigabit switch. I am planning on started the build with 2 x 8tb Seagate Irons wolfs and add a further 4 drives as I sell off my old hardware.




Case Fractal Design Node 304 USB 3.0 Mini ITX DTX Case Black $129 Au



MB ASRock H270M ITX/AC Motherboard $129



Cpu Intel Pentium G4560 $75



Memory Team T-Force Vulcan 2400MHz 4GB (1x4GB) DDR4 $59 (I could go either 2x4 gb sticks or 1x 8gb stick if needed)



PSU Corsair CX450 450W Power Supply $69 (I can get another brand 450w)



HHD's Seagate Ironwolf ST8000VN0022 3.5in 8TB NAS HDD X 2



Usb Flash SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive 16GB $12



Misc BitFenix 20cm Sleeved 4 Pin Molex to 4x SATA Power Cable, Black $14



Thanks for your help.

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What CPU does your NAS have? The parts look fine for what you want to use them for, my only concern would be 4K. I currently play media off my unRAID server over a gigabit lan, but I don't play 4K and I am not certain if playing 4K may require more CPU overhead than your G4560 can offer. Are you using Kodi on the Shield to play your media or Plex?

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Its a little atom processor, I use Kodi on my Shield, I believe it is a direct stream? no transcoding done, Shield plays all in native. I have used it with 70gb rips sometimes nil stutter sometimes a second of buffering although those 4k movies where on a separate HDD enclose which is hooked up via USB2 to the Nas.

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Then you should be fine with the parts you have picked for your build.

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