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2 unraids fall over scenerio question

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my question is  like servers

if you have 1 server and it goes down the 2nd server will take its place


now my unraid box i doing 12tB drive parity its goes for a few days since i also copied 2TB do the 24TB of data so she doesnt stop pariting

and i trying to use plex  and i cant


i wanted to know does  unraid have a fail over... so if its doing Parity it goes offline and the 2nd unraid will pick up the video i wanna watch like nothing  like in real servers

or is that only a windows 2016 server kinda thing

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ah ok  i noticed i can watch same movie  plex cant get to work  from the unraid

if i on the computer using  windows media player  access the file directly works fine  go figure

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