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Unraid Server - Can't connect after power outages


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Just want to see if there are some simple things I can look at before I drag the box upstairs.  My setup is fairly simple, has an SSD cache and three 3TB drives.  //tower doesn't work, Plex is dead and although my Bell HH3000 hub sees "Tower" is connected, and  can ping that IP successfully in Windows, I can't get to the WebGui.  I'm about to try shutting it down and moving the USB to a different port on the box, but any tips or tricks are appreciated.


I can also see the network IP for logging into the ASRock motherboard that it runs on, and its WebGui is up and running.

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OK this may seem stupid as its already fixed, but moving the USB to another port woke it up.  I shut it back down and moved it back, and it also works.  Its like the port just needed to be messed with by unplugging and replugging the USB.  Any idea why that is?  Its a very simple fix but I'm curious if there are reasons behind it.



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