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Server keeps locking up


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All of your array disks are full, 3 of 4 still on reiserfs. Is this server not used for writing any more?


There are 25 .cfg files in shares. Do you really have that many user shares? Did you know that any top level folder on cache or array is automatically a user share?


I looked at many but not all of those share .cfg files and they didn't have any Minimum Free, but if this is intended to be a read-only server I guess it doesn't matter.


Also, disk2 has 3 pending sectors. 

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Thanks, yea I just bought a new disk to free up space but haven’t been able to install it because the unclean shut downs. Which is causing my parity to have errors. I plan to switch all my drives to xfs and replace disk 2. I don’t have that many shared I’ll hace to look at that thanks.

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2 minutes ago, neves710 said:

I don’t have that many shared I’ll hace to look at that thanks.

If the User Shares page doesn't show that many then those .cfg files are leftover from user shares you used to have for some reason. I did notice that some of them had (1) appended to their filename, which makes me think that you probably created a duplicate folder somehow. Take a look at your own diagnostics zip and you might have a better idea what I mean.


Do you know about Minimum Free? unRAID has no way to know how large a file will become when it chooses a disk to write. If a disk has more than Minimum Free it can choose the disk, then if the file won't fit you will get out of space errors. You should set Minimum Free on each of your User Shares to larger than the largest file you expect to write to the share. Then if unRAID sees that a disk has less than Minimum Free it will choose a different disk to write. There is also a Minimum Free setting for cache in Global Share Settings.

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