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Is my drive failing?


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Hi, yesterday I got a yellow warning over my third disk (the most recent addition) citing it had Read errors. After some searching on these forums, I tried stopping the array and starting in maintenance mode so I could do Smart file system checks, which returned with no errors. I tried to rebuild the disk by stopping the array, selecting No Device for DIsk 3, starting the array, stopping again, and reassigning the drive to the Disk 3 slot. It aborted the rebuild (I think) after a few minutes. I looked through my syslogs and find that it has some write errors. 


Is this drive bad? I did order it off ebay and have only had it about 2 weeks. 8tb drive total and had written about 1.2tb to it. 


If it is bad - what precautions do I need to take with my array until I can order a new drive?





Edit - forgot to mention I also did a full read check. Took about 17 hours and found no errors. 

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