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Unmountable: No file system

Chris Rothrock

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My unRAID server hard-locked up today - it was completely unresponsive via web (page could not be displayed), the console mouse and keyboard were locked up and I could not SSH nor even ping the machine.  I had no options but to hard power cycle the machine.  Upon rebooting I had 1 drive not come up - "Unmountable: No filesystem".  I have started the array in maintenance mode and ran the xfs_repair -n where there are a lot of inode messages.  I have tried xfs_repair /dev/md2 but end up, after some time, with an error: "fatal error -- couldn't map inode 4389412487, err = 117"


Any help to repair the usperblock of this drive would be much appreciated.  Attached is my tower diagnostics


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