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Removing a drive with locked files

Two Wire

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I am removing a drive and replacing it with an additional parity drive. Since I am making the array smaller I think I need to use the new config tool, right?

I have removed all data from the drive I am removing except for two files I cannot delete using Windows file explorer.  I get a message stating I need permission from Tower/Root. Can I just remove this drive without deleting the two files and run a new parity rebuild? I don't  need these files anymore.


I have looked at solutions for removing locked files, but my knowledge of Linux is limited. A stumbling block is the issue of how to enter the correct path to the server (Tower) from a Windows command prompt. I made several attempts but could never get the path syntax right.



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You can probably work with those files from the unRAID command line but if you don't care New Config certainly won't.


Tools - New Config - Retain All. This will leave everything assigned like it currently is, but you can make any changes to the assignments you want before starting the array, such as removing a data disk and assigning a disk as parity2. Of course parity has to be rebuilt so don't check the parity valid box before starting.

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No because parity2 would still have to be built. Just adding parity2 and starting the array would get parity2 built. It wouldn't even give you a box to check.


But, what you should do is stop it and do the New Config again, this time also adding the parity2. Sorry I didn't spell it out before but you can do it all at the same time.

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