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Upgrade issue from 6.5.3-rc1 to stable 6.5.3


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I have the problem that I cannot install updates from unraid at the moment (6.5.3-rc1 to stable 6.5.3). If I go to "Update OS", the update loads several hours until the download is timed out. I have already done this several times (over several weeks), each with the same result. I have a 52Mbit/s Internet line. The download should only take a few seconds / minutes. What could be the reason for this?

If I download a sample file from another server via the terminal (wget), the download speed is significantly higher than if I download the unraid update.


I hope you can help me out



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Download the complete install file from the LimeTech webpage.  Unzip it and copy all of the bz* files to the root of your flash drive.  Then reboot the server.  You should be running the new version.  


EDIT:  Before copying over the files from the download, make a complete backup of the Flash Drive.  This is just insurance.  You will almost never need it if you have the backup copy!   ?

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