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Constant warning Docker image needs to be recreated


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Did some work last week upgrading cache pool. After I went through that work and brought Docker back online, I got the following:


Your existing Docker image file needs to be recreated due to an issue from an earlier beta of unRAID 6. Failure to do so may result in your docker image suffering corruption at a later time. Please do this NOW!


I did as it said after doing some brief research and everything was fine. I'm debugging a cache issue again today (covered under a separate thread) and needed to migrate everything off of the cache and move it back including shutting down Docker just before. Following that work I have the same warning again. I really don't want to reload all of my images yet again. What problem is persisting here? Something with migrating docker.img off of the cache and back? Is it a valid warning? I'm on unRAID 6.5.3 here.

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38 minutes ago, snowboardjoe said:

I'm on unRAID 6.5.3 here.

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Instead of moving docker.img around you should just delete and recreate it. It is the least important part of your docker setup and all its contents are easily downloaded again.


Once you have recreated docker.img, just go to Community Applications and use the Previous Apps feature. It will let you easily recreate all of your dockers exactly as they were with all of their previous settings.


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