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Am i missing something with cache and mover?


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Hi all, again :)


So i just installed a cache drive and my config looks(USE CACHE DISK) as following with my 3 "major" shares:

Appdata is set to "Prefer"

Media is set to "No"

Downloads is set to "Yes"


So in my case now when i tried everything out i downloaded a media file to my download share(which is in /mnt/user/download) and i then proceeded to move that file to /mnt/user/media/.


After i did this i invoked mover manually through the web control panel. That was one file, and mover is still running. Should it really take this long? I can still see the mover process running when connecting through SSH and looking in htop. Looking in the "Main" section on the webpage it stills says that the media file in question still is on the cache drive.


Could this be because i set the media share to "No"?


I also tried to move the file back to the "Downloads" share, but it still seems to be going without anything happening. Ideas?



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How did you do the move?   If you used the ‘mv’ command then due to a quirk of the way Linux handles ‘mv’ it would simply be renamed and left on the cache drive.    Since the Media Share has Use Cache=No then mover will not attempt to move the file to the array - it needs to be set to Yes for mover to move files from cache to array.    Turning on the Help in the GUI gives more information on how the Use Cache settings interact with mover.

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17 hours ago, ruvil said:

So i suppose moving through normal SMB network share should be fine? And how about automated downloading tools like sonarr for instance?

Depends upon what paths you're mapping to sonarr.


If you're using a single path like /mnt/user mapped to /mnt/user, and reference your download share and TV share based on it, then the move of the files will not honor the share settings for TV


If you're using (and you should be) separate paths for downloads and TV (/downloads mapped to /mnt/user/downloads and /TV mapped to /mnt/user/TV), then the files will honor the share settings for TV

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