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Midnight Commander not installed?


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I'm currently re-arranging my shares and I've created a new share and copying files across. I'm currently just doing it via the command line, but I'd like to have some sort of gui. I know Midnight Commander well enough, and I know it's supposed to be included with Unraid 6, but when I type mc into the terminal, I get a prompt saying command not found.


What's up and how can I get it working?

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55 minutes ago, trurl said:

And what about this?

ls /usr/bin/mc


/bin/ls: cannot access '/usr/bin/mc': No such file or directory

Still no luck. Seems like it just isn't there. If I cd into that directory, there isn't anything resembling mc in the folder at all.

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18 hours ago, jonathanm said:

Try rebooting unraid and starting in safe mode. The contents of that folder are unpacked into RAM fresh each boot, so if something nuked the file, rebooting should bring it back.

Thanks! That did the trick. I've been doing a lot of syncing with the server so had to wait a while before I could a reboot. Awesome. Didn't even need the safe mode.

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