Starting over unRaid but keeping encrypted drive configuration/data


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I've read this and understand how to back up the drive configuration but does having an encrypted xfs drive configuration with an encryption key file change the process any way?


How do I make sure I don't lose any data when I re-install unraid and backup the drive configuration, should I delete the encryption keyfile before hand?


The goal is to keep the encrypted data on the array but restart unraid from scratch. Thanks for the help.

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9 hours ago, FalconX said:

Upon further research, as long as I backup the config/super.dat file, unraid should recognize the XFS encryption and ask for a passphrase...someone correct me if I am wrong?

The file super.dat remembers the disk assignments. Disk encryption status is on the disk itself and doesn't required a special action, other then to input the correct passphrase..

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