Big HDDs 8,10,12 TB


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I have 10 and 8.


I don't look at brands. Every time I need a new disk, I just buy the cheapest, brand-new highest-available HDD from a reputable dealer. That usually means it's bigger than my current parity so it becomes new parity and current parity becomes data disk.


Whatever I get, I always preclear one cycle before adding to my array. Also take the oppurtunity to defrag my disks before syncing new parity.

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Not 'as cheap' as shucked drives, but ive been using Toshiba x300's. I've got 7 of them now, 6TB in size 7200RPM, 128mb cache. In windows it shows as 32.7TB (single parity at the moment) and im getting upwords of 200mbps per drive. Last I checked they were 160$ a piece new.

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Between three of my four servers I have 19x8TB all Seagate's, mostly shucked from externals, and four 10TB HGST that were not shucked but bought as internal drives. The 8TB drives are the slow SMR drives, but that doesn't bother me. People don't use unRAID for high performance disk access, and frankly the performance I get from the SMR drives is just fine for me. I stream media from the servers that have the drives and it works perfectly fine. The 8TB Seagate's were bought on sale up here in Canada last year for $179.99 each, best bang for the buck in my books.

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On 9/10/2018 at 10:59 PM, jmgc97 said:

What are the specs of those shuck drives? what are the rpms?

Western Digital used to always be WD RED drives.  Any model RED could be in there; all 5400 RPM some with 128 meg cache and some with 256 meg.  Some made in Thailand and some in China (I made sure to always get ones made in Thailand).  Now Western Digital has been putting "WHITE" drives in often.  By all accounts, the WHITE drives are just RED drives with a WHITE label so that people can't shuck them and then resell on eBay as RED drives; and also to instill doubt in the minds of us shuckers.  I have two WHITE drives out of the lot, both look just like the RED's case and PCB, are made in Thailand, have 256 megs, and are 5400 RPM.  One WHITE is installed and the other is a cold spare... I always keep a cold spare.


However, I hear there is now an 8TB RED drive that is not helium filled and these are also starting to show up in some externals.  I'm going to buy a few more next month and I will avoid the air drives.



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On 9/9/2018 at 12:06 AM, craigr said:

I've got two WD 8TB RED's and am about to add five more.  These are easy to get as externals and then shuck them.  They can be regularly had for around $150 and on super sale for as little as $135.



Hmmm, I dad some 12 REDs with 3 TB, They were well crash engeneered because 4 of them failed within 6 months after the warrenty expired ... 

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I have all Ironwolf drives: 8, 10 and 12TB.  They are great and only had one failure (which Seagate replaced very quickly).  They do have some "clicking", if you have a living room server that has tray-less bays (where the drive rests on the metal support frame) you might get some chunking.  Not much worse than the WD Reds, but worth mentioning.

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