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Plex Hardware Transcoding Only Using CPU0


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So, I followed a conglomeration of directions I pieced together from the forums (thank you everyone!), and was able to get Hardware transcoding working on my i7-8700k based Unraid box. Really, no issues when I watch things most of the time, but I recently started having more and more users require transcoding, and some complaints started to come in about excessive buffering.


So, I finally started to pay attention to things, and a noticed that when transcoding is running, it's really only using CPU0 (and ignoring the other 11 CPUs). I didn't specifically set up core isolation at any point in my set up, so I'm wondering if this is just a property of hardware transcoding?



You're 100% right @Hoopster , totally neglected anything important for troubleshooting. My bad. 


Attached the diagnostics, but a quick overview of your questions:

I'm on 6.5.2, and I did enable i915 alpha_support in the syslinux.cfg. 

I did edit the go file to include the chmod chown on the i915.

The only extra parameter I have going in linuxserver/plex is "--device /dev/dri:/dev/dri".


Other than figuring out how to make a bond0 so my double NIC card worked in aggregate, I haven't modded any other flash files. And I don't think I have messed with cpu isolation (didn't know how to even do that until I started troubleshooting the behavior I was seeing). 



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You didn't provide much information other than stating your problem.


What version of unRAID?  6.5.3 or earlier?  6.6.0rc1?  This is important as the kernel in 6.6.0, reportedly, does not require the alpha_support in syslinux.cfg in order to enable the iGPU in the Coffee Lake processors.


If running 6.6.0rc1 do you by chance have CPU pinning enabled in the Plex docker?  Default is to use all cores, but, perhaps only CPU0 is selected for some reason?


Have you modified syslinux.cfg? 


What is in your "go" file?


Posting your diagnostics would answer all these questions.


Please post diagnostics (Tools-->Diagnostics in the GUI).



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