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Hey guys, been a few years since Ive been on here. Had some family things take place but Im back. Im hoping there are some Houston unraid build owners on here. Im trying to find someone I can meet with or talk with to help guide me on what parts I need to get and with my build. So far I have all the drives, and an Antec 1200 case. Im just going to be using the unraid to backup and stream my movies, maybe store family photos. Anybody here from Houston? Thanks everyone

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On 10/5/2018 at 8:34 AM, whipdancer said:

I'm in Houston. Been using Unraid for about 7 years (I think). I'll be happy to chime in.

Hi whipdancer, beernut and other people in Houston.


I'm building a new Unraid server. 

I'm pretty familiar with building home PC, virtualization platforms, and enterprise server hardware but thought this would be a cool experiment that I may fall in love with once it is up and running. 

Plus the idea of replacing my PLEX server running on a 9 year old desktop PC, having a #h!t load of space to upgrade my PLEX with 1080p content to a PLEX with 1080p & 4K content plus the ability to learn Docker, and other things Unraid would make possible.

Installing Unraid 6.8.0 rc7 was easy... 


First off here are the stats:

Precision T5500 running 2 Xeon E5-2620 (6 core / 12 threads)



PARITY - a 12TB Easystore drive that I plan on shucking (Black Friday deal)


DATA drives:

a 4TB that holds all of my PLEX content.

a 4TB WD RED (started giving me errors so unless I can warranty repair it I'll drop it)

a 8TB Easystore drive that I plan on shucking (Black Friday deal)


I was thinking of using a 128GB M.2 SSD and a M.2 SSD to PCIE 3.0 X16 Expansion Card

as my CACHE drive.



Then I realize that my T5500 only has space for 4 HD. (Up to three 3.5-inch SATA hard drives and a 4th in the 5.25-inch drive bay)


How do I connect more drives?

How have you expanded your Unraid beyond the capacity without going into rackmount server or equipment?


I've seen someone mention building a 8 bay DAS box but before I go that way I wanted to speak with local Houston people.


and a...





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