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Hey all,


Since a number of you aren't big fans of the white text on black background look that the new forums have, we decided to contract our theme creator to produce one more option for folks.  Presenting Unraid Light:


Unraid Light Example.PNG


This new theme is available for use RIGHT NOW!  Just scroll down to the bottom of any forum page and look for this:


how to switch theme.PNG


Hope you guys enjoy it!!

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26 minutes ago, jonp said:

This new theme is available for use RIGHT NOW!


Although I still prefer the dark theme, this does look good and should satisfy those who prefer the black on white look.  The best thing about it is the "white" is not as bright as it was in the old forum.


Well done, and, as always, the Unraid team is responsive to customer feedback.



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Like it so far.


You know its weird I hate light themes on phones and do everything I can to make it as dark as possible. And I run a dark theme on Reddit (technically a dark grey and maybe that's the difference) but for just about every other forum i prefer a light theme. I don't know what it is about the dark theme for unraid I don't like, but I just don't. If I can put my finger on it and it's not just a weirdness of me I'll post it here fwiw.

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1 hour ago, jumperalex said:

You know its weird I hate light themes on phones and do everything I can to make it as dark as possible.

Same here, I use Tapatalk always in night mode, but for viewing on a PC I usually prefer light themes, and I do prefer this one instead of the dark one for this forum, thanks LT 👍

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Just curious, do you have a way to determine the percentage of page views done with each theme?
I would love to know the actual numbers of light vs. dark.
Considering one is a default and the other is a choice, I would estimate 99% of users are on the dark theme.

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