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Processor Recommendations?

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So I currently have an unRaid server built but I would like to upgrade a little bit. Its kinda an all for one build for me. I would like it to be able to be able to do the following:
-Plex, one user
-Occasional small game server
-Back up for a few home PCs
Current Build:
i7 950
32GB RAM non ECC memory
My current CPUs I have laying around
2x E5620
2x X5550
2x X5667
FX 8320
FX 9370
I would like to use a pair of the xeons I have laying around since I have 64gb of DDR3 ECC RAM I could pair it with.
Another option would be to sell all of the above and buy CPU/Mobo/Ram that would suit me better.
What do you guys think? I would like to stay in the ATX form factor since that fits my current case.
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The FX-9370 runs circles around everything else you list. It should do everything you require, but it won't be a fast machine.

It really depends on how much effort you want to put into it.

I'm currently planning my next upgrade (current build is about 7-8 years old) and will be targeting a Threadripper or possibly an i9.

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To be honest I dont think you will see any benefit. The fx 9370 yes is a bit faster but also runs at a TDP of 220w which is alot for slightly better performance.


If I was  you I would outlay new cpu ram and motherboard in one hit. If you dont see a need for the current cpus try and sell them on ebay to help fund your upgrade :)

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