Unraid OS version 6.6.0 available


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1 hour ago, jamesyt666 said:

I just downgraded, Enabled ACS overrride and restarted and now all my devices are split apart again. It seems a bit odd that the new version does not work the same way...


Well this may take a while to analyze.  ACS override is accomplished using a "patch" to the kernel which, we've been told, will never be accepted upstream.  We've had to fix the patch a couple times now with certain kernel releases.  The reason it will not be accepted upstream is because it's a theoretical security hole.  The guys running the cloud servers would have a big security risk with this patch in place.  The real solution is to use hardware that properly defines IOMMU groups.

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upgraded last night from 6.5.3. fix common problems notified me of an unclean shutdown but there was no automatic started parity check. Acknowledged and re-booted. same thing. Manually started a "no correct" parity check, completed this morning without errors. shutdown diagnostics from flash drive log folder attached.
FCP and unRaid determine unclean shutdowns slightly different. While both may be "unclean", if no parity check started, then none is needed

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2 minutes ago, Transmobius said:

Replaced a drive and the "Unused" column isn't displaying correctly in Main.  See attached image, specifically Disk 10

Screenshot from 2018-09-21 13-10-36.jpg

What do you think it should be showing?    It seems to be showing a drive that is basically empty.   If you replaced the drive did you at any point select the ‘Format’ option - if so that would explain the disk being empty.

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I updated to 6.6.0 yesterday.  No issues thus far.  Visually, I like the continuity with recent Web upgrade.  One thing that is very helpful is how the buttons are red/orange outlines with white backgrounds, but change to the gradated red/orange upon hover.  Slick!  Oh, and native cpu pinning is super helpful!  Basically, thanks!

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11 minutes ago, itimpi said:

What do you think it should be showing?    It seems to be showing a drive that is basically empty.   If you replaced the drive did you at any point select the ‘Format’ option - if so that would explain the disk being empty. 

The drive is empty, freshly formatted.  The "Used" should say "0 GB" and not "8.80 GB".  Sorry for the typo, in OP I said "Unused".


Also, not positive that this is specific to the new v6.6.0, I replaced the drive and then upgraded the OS.  Did not notice the odd "Used" on the prior version - but it may have read that way too.

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On 9/20/2018 at 10:48 PM, bonienl said:

Do you mean "br0" or did you define your own custom network "bridge.0" ?

The newer version of Docker included in Unraid 6.6 has changes in the networking part. We adopted so networks generated by Unraid continue to work as before, but there is no guarantee for custom networks made by the user.

Custom: br0
Needed for Unifi, & PiHole.


It also seemed to kill Splunk, which is just a Bridge connection.


So how does one create a new External IP for a docker with 6.6?

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Splunk broke too
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Just upgraded my main rig from 6.5.3 to 6.6.0, and have not encountered any problems.


I'm running an AMD Threadripper 1950X on an ASRock X399 Taichi motherboard.  I have Plex docker, and a couple of VMs (Linux and Windows) running, and Windows has a GPU pass-through.  I didn't seriously eyeball the IOMMU groups, but what I had before still seems to be working fine.  I was/am using the ACS Override, though.

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