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Hey guys, hope i didn't screw up too much, wasn't thinking.  I took out disk 3 of my array to replace it.   I replaced it with a new 4tb drive but selected new config by mistake.  So basically my parity is rebuilding, disk 3 shows nothing on it, but i still have the working disk 3 in my hands.  What is the best way to recover from this?  I was trying to deal with my kids and don't know what i was thinking.  Like i said, i still have a working disk 3 that is out of the machine so the files are there.  Do i have to wait until it rebuilds parity, then put this disk back in to get the data off? 

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You should be able to mount the drive using the Unassigned Devices plugin and copy the data back to the array drive.


I wouldn't try hot plugging, powering down would be the safest route. Your choice whether you want to let the parity build finish or stop it and start it over after you get the old disk physically connected.

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