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3 hours ago, marshy919 said:

That's so coincidental that your BIOS version is 6.6.6 and the latest unraid version is 6.6.6

Must be the devils work

No. I have no BIOS updates since 2012

I have just tried to update unRAID again.

And in 6.6.0 vms didn’t work but 6.6.6 works fine.

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I also have a trusty old C2SEA on one of my servers -- I did the BIOS update YEARS ago with no problem.

However, I doubt it really makes a difference at this point -- if a system update was to require a feature not supported by the C2SEA I very much doubt that the 2012 BIOS would resolve that => if that was to happen the only alternatives would be to retire the trusty old C2SEA or to not do any further UnRAID updates on that system.


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On 9/29/2018 at 10:41 PM, nickp85 said:

Have an ASUS Z370-a motherboard and always keep my BIOS up to date.  Just hate that I have to reconfigure my BIOS each time and virtualization is off by default.  However, never had a problem with Unraid or VMs because I like to keep everything crisp and new :)

I have this same mobo and am having one heck of a time trying to get vt-d to be recognized in UnRaid. Are you running the most recent firmware (1802)? If so and VMs work, anything else to switch on besides vt-d?


Thanks in advance!

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