Copying data to server, not enough space? (cache full)


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Hello, I'm just getting started with unRAID so please forgive me. I recently set up my server with 3 8TB drives and a 250GB cache SSD and just started to transfer my media collection from my computer. There are a lot of big files-- 4K remuxes upwards of 90GB each. Initially I had windows telling me that there wasn't enough free space so I did a little googling and concluded that I needed to change the min space available on my cache drive to be larger than my largest file. After changing it and running the mover just to be sure, I copied over some more files without any trouble. However I just started copying a new batch and am getting the same error from windows. I can click "try again" and the transfer continues, but then it seems to just pop up again later. Am I doing something wrong, or missing a clue? If you have any advice it would be much appreciated. Cheers.


Edit: I just noticed that unRAID is giving me cache utilization warnings in conjunction with this. Could the mover not be clearing the cache fast enough?

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Since your cache drive is only 250g and your moving huge files, you would be better off to move your files direct to the 8TB actual drives.  The Cache will work with big files but it takes time and IMO is meant for lots of smaller files.....


I Assume your transferring from a windows PC to your server Teracopy works good for transferring lots of files to cache or direct to other drives.


hope this helps.

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1 hour ago, ajgoyt said:

Assume your transferring from a windows PC to your serve

Teracopy looks like a great upgrade from the windows copy utility-- I will also check out Midnight Commander. To copy the files directly I imagine that I should just disable to cache for the share while I complete the transfer, unless there is a more elegant way? Anyways thank you for the help! 

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