Supermicro Servers Hacked?


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I don't know if you guys listen to the This Week in Tech podcast but they had Mark Milian from Bloomburg on there and they talked about the story for about 20-30 minutes. It was interesting to hear his side of things even though he wasn't the one who wrote the story. I starting to lean more toward the article being true.

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8 minutes ago, adammerkley said:

The fact that Amazon and Apple have come out with strong denials, and have even said that they are under no gag order, tells me that Bloomberg's report is wrong.


Publicly traded companies can be compelled to not comment.  They cannot be compelled to lie.

I don't believe that is true. If the Snowden leaks are to be believed (which I do believe them). Then NSL and NSA gag orders trump all. Even if someone asks you if you are under a gag order you can't say that you are. You have to deny it.


Just a thought. Let's say there are a few people at Apple or Amazon that know about this but are under NSL. The story comes out, PR emails the company saying if anyone knows anything about this let us know. The employees can't say anything so everyone denies it.  Apple releases a statement saying they strongly deny it because from the point of view of PR it never happened..


That's just an example of what might have happened in my opinion.

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If China wants to waist time watching my downloads then I'll consider it my patriotic duty to flood them with as much meaningless information as possible.  I'm not going to give up the best board vendor for my use-case just because China is trying to hack our government.  That really strikes me as "No S**T Sherlock" kind of information.


Remember, the goal of these things is to Know but not let even if they could expose my deep dark love of Youtube videos of people getting kicked in the nuts....they wouldn't as intelligence groups don't give a toss about what I'm doing...I'm nothing but a frustration if impacted as I have NO value to them and only risk if their system is spying on me.  


Now for work, where there is propritay information being stored...yea, I'd worry a little.  But there are far less dramatic sources of corporate espionage...this is a Government against Government thing if real, no impact on my use of fact I just ordered a new SM board today :)

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18 hours ago, cybrnook said:

Thanks! That was a good read. After reading that and the SEC statement released:


I'm starting to side with SM. I wonder if SM is preparing a lawsuit in the meantime.

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On 12/14/2018 at 6:25 PM, talmania said:

It would not surprise me in the least---China is know for their rampant theft of IP.  If I was a major decision maker in a corporation with sensitive data I wouldn't be using Supermicro boards.

You might want to read the latest update there. It sounds like the allegations against Supermicro were completely unfounded.

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