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Using 2 SSDs for cache

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I got my 2nd 1 TB ssd and I wanted to add it to my existing setup which already has 1 TB cache ssd.  If I do that, will the content on my 1st cache drive get erased or will it give me the option to copy from one to the other?  (Is it RAID-1 what it creates?)  Can you pick what to do with them?  Can I stripe them?



Well, you can now do stripe, I read, so that answers that question, the question I need answer is, if I create a "cache pool" will it erase the content of both drives?  I need to copy from my original one to the new one.

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There is a whole section of the FAQ about cache pools. The FAQ is pinned near the top of this same subforum. I think it answers all your questions and more.

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