does unraid not do upgrade notifications anymore?


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I did not get any notification when running 6.6.0rc4 had to manually go to tools -> update os and change from next to stable to get the update.

Settings -> Notification Settings -> Unraid OS update notification is set to check once a day

Was running 6.6.0rc4 for almost 2 weeks before I noticed 6.6.1 was out.

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18 hours ago, itimpi said:

That is expected (albeit non-intuitive) behavior!    The problem is that there is no ‘next’ release newer that 6.6.0 rc4.    The check does not handle the case of the current ‘stable’ release being newer than the latest ‘next’ release.

Ok is that new behavior in the 6.6.0 release? I'm almost certain I have gotten update notification from older rc to new stable before 6.6.0rc

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