remote acces of my files on my unraid server from a diffrent network


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I have a question. I have a nas with unraid installed and everyting working perfectly.

but I live in 2 places and want to acces/save my files from my laptop (that I take with me) in my other home to. From a diffrent network.

I have no idea how to do so. 

can somone help me pleas?



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22 hours ago, trurl said:



A couple of dockers and also a plugin for VPN in Apps (Community Applications).

and how do i do that? I have open VPN installed in docker, and I installed a openVPN client app on my computer insert te config file and loged in and that works.

now how can I put files on my server and how can I config my server when I'm not home?

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If it's truly working as it's supposed to, you use the server exactly the same as if you were at home as long as you are connected to the VPN. Think of the VPN as a long network cord that stretches between the VPN Server and the VPN Client. It's just like you were connected directly inside your home.

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