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Want a new start, in a new chassis

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Hello everyone,

I've got an UNRAID server that has served me well for over 4 years but has accumulated a bit of cruft after a bunch of upgrades, plugin additions and removals, etc.


I have a new chassis, motherboard, CPU, and everything but the drives for a new server. I even have another licensed USB key with UNRAID already installed.


I would like to move all my other drives to the new server and have it assume the identity of the old server. Same name and IP address, but I will start with the new install of UNRAID and add the drives as a "new config" which I believe is possible as long I take note of which drive is which before shutting down my old server. 


I would like to make this transition as easy as possible. 


What can I do to transfer as much of my docker containers to the new box. Can I simply copy the contents of /boot/config/plugins/dockerMan to the new server?


Is there any "easy" way to copy my shares setup from the old to the new or will I need to recreate the shares manually?


Anything else I should be mindful of when making this transition?



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The 'easiest' transition would be to move all of the drives (hard, SSD and Flash Boot drive) to the new machine and start it up.  It should startup and run like the old system.  Use the newly licensed flash boot drive with the old server (or any other hardware of your choosing).   


If this is not what you want to do, you need to tell us what the problem is with the current setup from the configuration and software standpoint as it sounds like you want the new system to be running the same way and with the same plugins/Dockers as the old one.  (Normally, most folks are just wanting to use faster, newer hardware with the thought of adding features that were not available when they first built their systems.) 

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Lots of little things with my old setup on my old USB key make me want to transition to a new one on the new hardware.


I'll give you an example. After every reboot of my server, it stop sending out notifications of any kind (email, slack, etc.) until I open the settings page in the UNRAID GUI and make some kind of small change to the settings, revert back, and apply. Then all my notifications come in like normal. I don't know what causes this, but I know its not happening on the new server, which is currently running with no drives in it.


Every once in a while I notice some odd behavior on my current server that make me want to transition to a new server if possible.


I'm approaching this similarly to standing up a new server in a production environment where I would create something new to host an existing application which would be migrated over. This would be preferable to repeatedly upgrading an OS and leaving all kinds of cruft behind.

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Update on this. I went for it today and put all the new drives in my new server. I copied over server.dat, my share configs, and my docker templates. 


All seemed well until I started the array and 4 of my 8 data disks showed no file system. These were the 4 disks that still had reiserfs from an older version of UNRAID and the newer version apparently wants all drives to be XFS. 


For now, the server is running off my old USB thumb drive just fine, but I was wondering if anyone knows any way around this. Can I create a new installation and have it accept the ReiserFS formatted drives?

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Reiserfs would not be a problem of the type you are describing.  The new version should recognize and use them. (It has more to do with performance...)  What is the version on that old flash drive that works?  I would assume that you are attempting to use version 6.6.1 on the new flash drive.  


I would also suggest that you reboot with the new version and get a diagnostics and post it up.  That why, the Gurus can look it over and see if they see something.  

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Not on 6.6.1 yet on either flash drive. I'm flying out of the country tomorrow, so I'm going to leave things as is until I get back. Thanks

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