Less than 100% CPU utilization for HandBrake encoding


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2 hours ago, Alphahelix said:

Did you find the error for this? I see similar behavior. I know my disk access is more than fast enough, so the bottleneck must be another place. Could it be that the docker container is set to only use 50% of the CPU? If so anyone know where to double check and correct?

Yup. It was my encoder preset. I had it set to ultrafast. I dropped it to medium and it uses 100% now. 

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My CPU will not go above 30% during encodes, I have 24 cores and no cpu pinning set for docker containers. I am not using an ultrafast preset, I am trying both x265 and x264 encodes. x264 doesnt go above 20%, x265 doesnt go above 30%, Any ideas? 





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notification setting.
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