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Help Installing MergerFS

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I'm posting here as I wasn't sure which board this fits in.  I currently use unionfs to combine local files /rclone_upload/google_vfs with gdrive files I mount using rclone /mount_rclone/google_vfs :

unionfs -o cow,allow_other,direct_io,auto_cache,sync_read /mnt/user/rclone_upload/google_vfs=RW:/mnt/user/mount_rclone/google_vfs=RO /mnt/user/mount_unionfs/google_vfs

I'd like to switch to MergerFS as it supports hardlinking, whereas Unionfs doesn't.  I've installed unionfs via Nerd Pack - can someone give me pointers on how to install Mergerfs please? 

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Bump.  This would be major result for me - I just need a bit of help please

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Anyone ever installed mergerfs on unRAID? I need it to merge a local folder with a rclone mount.

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