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Controllers/HBAs/Expanders from China...

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Hi Raiders,,


I recall passing through someones storage forum, and briefly glimpsing a comment advising purchasers away from buying the much cheaper Chinese held controller cards, HBA/Expanders. At the time it was of no significance to me, it wasn't what i was lookking for at the time so i moved on.


Well i need a SAS expander - Where one can be had from HP or IBM for $20 New..... Even their Intel expander iis quite affordable.


Are there known ongoing issues with these imported, assumed "cloned" cards? Or a handful of cases anda bit of Russian Roukette?

Would you use one? (*Everyone screams NO IT'S YOUR DATA HERE*)


Unfortunately this is an unforeseen expense, and finances are never good anyway, but i came to purrchase a new (used) IBM x3950 x5 for a vvery good price, which means those big old disks have got to go somewhere! Enter External SAS enclosure;

-Gen8 Microserver gutted of majority of internals (everything but the wall)

-Replaced drive bays with a 5 in 3 cage

-Had some SSD mounts 3D printed

She;s coming together beautifully, but build is earner completion, and i need to get that SAS card in there so i can enjoy my Penta-CPU 80 core beast in action!

Insert other media


Ni suggestions ignored!




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