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Hey y'all!

I'm getting into programming with python now, and as a side project am making a discord bot in python.

I was wondering how to dockerize/run the script from my UNRAID server, so continuously.

It runs with python 3.6.6 and I have to be able to install libraries.


P.S. I have tried looking it up but I can't seem to find anything useful to my case yet.

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Not a python guy.


But, you *should* be able to simply have your script prefaced with 


and make sure that its executable

chmod +x /path/to/file

and it should work from the command prompt.


Barring that, I would think that

python /path/to/file

would work also.  AFAIK python is included in unRaid

User scripts is a plugin that will allow you to execute any script on a schedule you choose (available within apps)

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5 minutes ago, Cetje54 said:

Is it correct I can only install Python 3.6.2 via Nerdpack? Or can I download 3.6.6? If so, how?

I see that  is the version that it currently has available.    However if you raise a request in the NerdPack plugin thread it is likely it will be updated.


are you actually intending to make use of features that require 3.6.6?

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are you actually intending to make use of features that require 3.6.6?

not sure, but like to have the same version as my IDE is in for safety, however when I get PIP working with python3 in nerdpack I'll give it a try anyways. Do you know how to use PIP with python3? Now it uses python2.7 which was required to install if I wanted PIP  Everything works fine!

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