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It was kind of hard to figure out where to put this thread since it's not related to a single docker container, but if this is clearly the wrong subforum, please move it appropriately. Apologies in advance!


I have the following issue. At work, there is a proxy wall from hell which basically blocks just about everything, including the Spotity, both client and web player. I can access the web player, but nothing plays. I've also tried the =http1 url option to no avail. I've also tried creating a socks5 proxy on my Unraid server, but spotify refuses to connect to it from behind my work network LAN.


In order to get around this problem, I had the idea of running the spotfy web player on my home server, having it handle the server side requests, but being able to access it through my duckdns url, so that the only traffic I need to think about is from my machine here at work to my home server, which works fine since since I can access my Airsonic docker from here.


I've Googled a solution for days, and I am nowhere closer to something I can use. Any ideas on how to do what I'm describing would be greatly appreciated. I know a proxy server would be best, but for some reason I just can't get it working. Thanks in advance for the help!

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On 10/25/2018 at 10:54 AM, tuxflux said:

At work, there is a proxy wall from hell which basically blocks just about everything

Lol. Presumably, it's there for a reason. Have you tried asking its administrator for help or have you already anticipated the reply you'd get?

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The company is huge (government) and any requests to the IT helpdesk go to low level techs with no authority basically. Even Onenote notebook syncing which is something most people use doesn't work properly all the time because of harsh proxy settings and hundreds of firewalls. Yes I actually mean hundreds, it's no joke.


There might actually be good news though. I moved over to a Mac about 6 months ago and had a PC previously. Spotify worked on the PC, but not the Mac. Now I have a new PC again, but haven't been to work since I got it. So Spotify might be working again. So hopefully this will solve itself. If not, I'll still need a solution ^^


I've got Airsonic working on my server and I can access that just fine using Let's Encrypt and my own domain. I'd like to be able to do something similar with a Spotify solution.

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