Audio Interface stutters on WIn10 VM


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so I have a Windows 10 VM which starts from a nvme SSD. I followed the Guide of Spaceinvader One

Of course, I had to make adjustments, so I stubbed all USB Controllers except of 1 (Keyboard for Unraid & USB Stick). This was done because my Mainboard is weird and didn't let me split up those IOMMU Groups to a degree I needed to. However, stubbing all USB Controllers is no Issue since only 1 VM is running at a Time.


When I start Ubuntu as a VM everything is fine and it feels like bare metal.

When I start Windows(VM) the Story is differently. I have an Audio USB Interface connected, every now and then this Interface loses the connection for about 1 second. THe USB light flickers also and of course the sound skips for this 1 second. My Mouse and Keyboard (connected to the same USB Controler) still maintain the connection and I didn't notice any stutter with those.


Did someone else encounter this problem? Also, an Idea on how to fix it would be great, since I relay like to listen to music on my Windows VM.





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