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Hi all - I'm hoping someone can help me with this as I've been chewing on it for about a week now!

I'm trying to get a database server running with PHPMyAdmin as the interface for admin.....I've got MariaDB up and running, and that's working with my Kodi Database.  I've got the PHPMYAdmin Docker running from, and I can get to the login screen for PHPMyAdmin.


I think I understand from the Guide that I need to create a link container, which I asssume links the MariaDB Docker to the PHPMyAdmin Docker, but this is where I'm stuck.  I'm running the command as shown in the Guide, modifying it to...


docker run --name myadmin -d --link mariadb:db -p 8181:81 phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin


...Where MariaDB is the name of the Maria docker, and I've changed the port numbers to 8181 and 81 as the main UnRaid GUI runs on 80 so it was clashing.


And this is where I get stuck....when trying to log in to PHPMyAdmin, I get the error "mysqli_real_connect(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name does not resolve".


Does anyone have this setup running on their system who can help me with this?  I'm a noob when it comes to Docker and my knowledge is limited, but I'm learning more and more each day.  I really need PHPMyAdmin so I can administrate databases for my Apache server....I know I could do it CLI, but I'd much rather be able to see the database via a nice GUI.


I'm probably missing something really simple!


Thanks in advance!


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