WD drive giving errors but not reallocated sectors. What should I do about it?

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In my unraid server I have started receiving errors on one of my WD drives however no reallocated sectors as of yet. I have only had the drive about 9 months and it is already showing 'old-age' and 'pre-fail' in smart reports being run on the server. How should I proceed now? Should I request an RMA as it is still in warranty or leave it until it starts spitting out sector errors? I can provide latest smart reports if necessary. 

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Raw_Read_Error_Rate should be zero on an healthy disk, though having a low number of errors dosn't necesseralky menas the disk is failing, but it's never a good sign, there are also recent read errors:

Error 12 [11] occurred at disk power-on lifetime: 4390 hours (182 days + 22 hours)
  When the command that caused the error occurred, the device was active or idle.

  After command completion occurred, registers were:
  -- -- -- == -- == == == -- -- -- -- --
  40 -- 51 05 40 00 00 ae a8 67 98 e0 00  Error: UNC 1344 sectors at LBA = 0xaea86798 = 2930272152

At 4390 power-on hours there were read errors, i.e., bad sector(s), so disk is starting to fail (possibly even already failed if it doesn't pass an extended SMART test) or at least showing some warnings.

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