disks change id on startup

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Every time I restart the server some the drives ID numbers change and unraid report the disks as missing...

I can restart the array by using the "new config" tool and telling unraid that the parity disk is already good but, I really hate having to do this. It's to iffy for me to trust important information like this. Also, it is not the same disks, its random as to which ones.


Dell R410

   Boot USB Unraid 6.6.3 in internal USB port

   Cache Disk 120gb PNY using Sata port A

   Array Disks #1-3 Perc i6 raid passthrough slots 1-3

   Parity Disk #1 Perc i6 raid passthrough slot 4 (EDIT: I meant to put H200a, which is manufactured by LSI)

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Double checked settings and it looks like it is working in HBA as I see disk name and serials... However, the ending numbers will randomly change sometimes. Not every time, just sometimes. I am wondering if it has to do with some boot order thing because when I first set the array up parity was (sdf), disk 1 was (sdc), disk 2 (sdd), and disk 3 was (sde)



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