Stopped Writing to Cache Drive After Update to 6.6.3

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It's possible this issue started between 6.6.1 and 6.6.3. I only just noticed that my cache drive isn't being written to and I'm on 6.6.3 now. I checked the share setting for "media" and it's set to "yes" for the Use Cache Disk setting. It's also setup in the global share settings. It had been working since I started using Unraid about a year ago I think. Not sure what to try as I believe I've looked up all I can as far as settings go to play around with. 


Thanks in advance!

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I upload movies the same way I always have, using WinSCP to FTP to my server in the basement. I go to User0 and my media folder, and then the appropriate subfolder. In the past, this would go to the cache drive before it ran its process at some early hour in the morning to move media files from cache to disk. I upload stuff now, and there's nothing new on the cache drive, it just sits at its same used space amount and I see Disk 2 constantly updating the number of writes while I'm uploading. 

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As has been mentioned User0 includes all files/directories on the data disks in a share, not including the cache disk.


The reason that User0 exists is specifically to help implement the ‘mover’ functionality.


If a share is set to cache=yes, then any files in a share on the cache disk are moved by mover to the share in User0;  as the cache disk is not included this has the effect of moving the files from the cache disk to the data disks.


Similarly, if a share is set to cache=prefer then files are moved from User0 to the cache disk.


For ‘normal’ usage you should use the shares under User which includes files/directories on all data disks and the cache disk in a share.

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6 hours ago, remotevisitor said:

The reason that User0 exists is specifically to help implement the ‘mover’ functionality.

Actually, it isn't needed for that purpose any longer since the mover was rewritten. user0 was briefly removed but reinstated after users requested it. I remember Tom making a wry comment at the time but can't find the link at the moment.

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