VM Settings Wont Update

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Hi all,


i currently have 2 windows server 2016 VM's installed and running on unraid 6.6.3


when i shutdown the machines and try to edit the settings on them IE: the ram allocation when i click update it just grays out and does nothing.... it has been working fine for a few weeks, and has only just started playing up now.


any ideas ? 



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SOLVED: I figured out that the page wasn't updating because I had a manual vdisk path that was linked by-id to a physical drive. Apparently unRAID isn't sure how to handle that. If I set the vdisk back to Auto and make my changes, click update, then go back and change the vdisks back to the manual link in the XML edit mode, all my changes stick. The update button stops functioning again because of the paths, but once everything is setup I should need to change settings again.


I'm having the same issue. Whether or not I change the VM's settings, as soon as I hit update the button grays out and then nothing happens. Refreshing the page resets the settings to how they were previously. I can edit them in advanced mode but that isn't supper useful.


Tried in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and their incognito/private modes. 

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