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[Support] binhex - qBittorrentVPN

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1 hour ago, tuna83 said:



I'd really like to get qbittorrent working, as I find it the most user friendly client!




Fixed! I had the wrong subnet in the docker settings.


entered instead of


Interestingly, managed to typo that a few times since I think I reinstalled the docker image 3 times.

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I did do this and worked initially then same thing. Eventually gave up and disabled using torrents all together and removed container.

Will have a look again later and see if I can get it working

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Finally got around to reinstalling this again today but not getting more than 8MB/s down... Was getting 0MB/s first and getting stuck in Stalled state but that was quickly fixed by correcting my mappings.

I had mapped to /mnt/user/Downloads/data/incomplete

When it should have been just /data/incomplete/

I will check PIA to see if there's another set of ovpn files I can use as I downloaded TCP strict set.

Hopefully I can get faster download using VPN anything around 20MiB/s will be fine.

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Posted (edited)

In WebGUI->Settings-Downloads, I cannot save changes for "Automatically add torrents from"


I wanted to add the folder to watch , click "plus" icon, the folder is added. When I click SAVE button at the button, then return to settings, none of the changes were saved.


How do I solve this issue?

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Is there some sort of tutorial or guide for what the different options do in the Web GUI?  


This qBittorrent version Options is quite a bit different than the client I have running on my PC.  


Ultimately what I want to do is this, if possible:

- place the torrents still downloading in the incomplete folder

- when done, move them to the completed folder

- rename them if possible as well

- when the download is complete, dont seed

-take off the bandwidth limitation for my downloads


Any help would be great.  



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