Ryzen 2600 Sufficient for Gaming / Plex?

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Recently discovered unRAID while planning a server build.  I currently have a gaming desktop that consists of: Ryzen 2600, MSI B450 Pro Carbon, Vega 56, 16GB DDR4, 860 500GB SSD.  In the planning stages of the build I found a great deal on 3x 3TB WD Reds and LSI 2008 SAS2 card w/ cables.  After realizing that I could potentially use GPU pass through for a gaming VM it made me consider scrapping the idea of a second PC and just beefing up this one a bit.  Would the 2600 be sufficient for this task with 6 cores and 12 threads?  It seems like most people use the 2700 for this, but I already have the 2600.  Are there any caveats to this method or things I should be aware of beforehand?  Should I continue I was thinking of grabbing a second 860 500GB and possibly another 16GB of RAM.  Realistically this will just be used for 1 - 2 plex streams and gaming - with a steam while gaming being very rare.  

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Sounds very doable. You could leave 4cores/8 threads to unraid. I used to run my whole system with 4-7 streams from Plex on a i5-4460 (just 4 cores on that one, no VMs). Or you could leave 2 cores/4 threads to unraid and use the rest on you VM.


Just make sure you definitely leave core 0 and h/t pair to unraid.


Also check out a really good discussion in the thread https://forums.unraid.net/topic/55150-anybody-planning-a-ryzen-build/ Has a lot of info on other peoples systems.


Also check out the spaceinvaderone videos on YouTube. He shows how to get your system up and running.



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Yeah i've been watching a ton of space invaders videos lol.   I had also thought about doing something like 4 cores for the VM and 2 cores to the unraid / plex, glad to hear that should work.  Really all I need now is a second SSD for cache parity and for my SAS2 card, cables, and PCIE usb card to come in the mail.  I'm curious to see if i'll need more than 16GB of RAM.  

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I have 16GB ram in my system. I do have to limit a couple of my dockers from hogging too much ram. And I’m not gaming on mine.
Most people with VMs have at least 32GB. Might be a good idea if you can get some more.
Make sure your sas card can be flashed to IT mode so it can pass the HDDs directly to unraid. Makes life easier in the long run.

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Yeah it's already been flashed to IT mode thankfully.  I'm running the Ryzen 2600 @ 4Ghz so I hit around 15k in passmark I figure that will help a bit to give the 2 cores for unraid / plex some more grunt.  I'm going to get the setup running once I get the cards I need and do some testing on it.  I was expecting to have to pick up another 16GB of RAM, just be happy to not have to buy a different CPU as well lol.  

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The full build will be:


  • Ryzen 2600 @ 4Ghz (Have)
  • MSI B450 Pro Carbon AC (Have)
  • 16GB -> 32GB RAM 
  • Vega 56 (Have)
  • Dell Perc H310 (IT Mode)
  • 4 Port USB PCIE 1X
  • 2 x 860 Evo 500GB - Cache + Parity (Have one)
  • 3 x WD 3TB Red - Parity + Data (Have)
  • 1 x WD 1TB Black - VM Passthrough Disk (Have)
  • Define R6 w/ CLC 280 & Noctua Redux fans (Have)
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3 hours ago, quietspaces said:

Vega 56

Small hint from my side. Couple people have issues with passing through Vega cards to a VM. It might work, but as soon as the VM has to restart the card won't come up again and you have to restart the whole server. The "Vega Reset Bug" is a known issue on KVM and will hopfully been addressed in on of the next kernels. 

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Damn, thanks for the tip.  I saw a thread where it was an issue like 9 months ago and thought surely they've fixed that by now.  Hmm, well that's not _that_ big of a deal to me more of an annoyance I suppose.  I sure hope it does get fixed soon or a workaround or something.  Sucks to have to reboot a linux box constantly lol.


EDIT -- I found this forum thread regarding Threadripper having issues with GPU reset bugs with a known workaround.  Is it a totally different issue?

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