6.6.5 update crashes daily


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Since upgrading from 6.6.4 a few days ago Unraid crashes about every 11-12 hours.


I enabled troubleshooting mode via Fix Common Problems and captured the logs (attached, with the FCPsyslog_tail.txt inside the zip).


Any ideas? Seems to be something network related triggering an Emby server problem, though hard for me to trace down. It worked fine with 6.6.4 and previous; the update to 6.6.5 is the only change. Could it be related to my NIC (Atlantic chipset, it's the 10GB Asus card)? It was working before too but maybe there's a driver issue in the new update?


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Can you try unplugging the 10GB card to see if that resolves your issue?  The call traces in the log seem to be network related, so it wouldn't surprise me if it's that Aquantia card.  We've heard from others in the past that have had issues using those cards.  Could be hardware-specific or driver-specific.  Removing the card from the equation would be helpful to further diagnosing the issue.

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Sorry, I was out for a couple days.


I can't remove the card - it's the only one I'm using. Before I left I did however rollback to 6.6.4 and the system hasn't crashed since. Something in the delta between 6.6.4 and .5? The latter looks like a small change but maybe there was an undocumented fix that is causing this, perhaps?


With 6.6.5 it would crash within 12 hours or less of the last crash every time, but 6.6.4 is still humming along as normal.

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