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Installing 3 workplaces at one PC

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Thank you for the answers!!!! Very helped. I finish the configuration of PC. But I installed the Primary the Windows 10 PRO system.





To work the system like I need am I'm right with that steps:


1) Create a DiskImage of the current Win10 PRO.

2) Install the UnRaid (with erasing all data from the SSD) I have just a 1 disc C:\ on the SSD drive.

3) Choose the DiskImage from the 1 step and run the PC as a 1-st but main VM.


... and check all things


4) After that setup a 2nd VM and passthough the Intel 630 HD, USB 3.0 to that VM.

5) Profit.


Am I right with the step 1 and 2, and all another?

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Or better from step 1 not create a DiskImage, but direct connect whole drive to the VM. And if something going wrong with UnRaid. I just have abiblity to reboot the system and load it as usual do. And continue my work)

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