Gradually increasing CPU utilisation


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I have a strange problem with CPU utilisation gradually increasing over a period of many weeks to the point that I need to restart the server.  I'm running 6.1.4 on an old HP Microserver with 4 Dockers running:

- Duck DNS

- HomeAssistant

- TasmoAdmin

- Nginx (doing nothing but hosting a single static HTML page which I just use to store shortcuts to various devices on my internal network)


After a clean boot CPU utilisation averages about 7-8% but gradually this ramps up to >80% and I notice my HomeAssistant automations become slower and slower to react - things which normally happen almost instantly take several seconds.  After a reboot CPU drops back down and HomeAssistant performance is back to normal again.  It seems to take about 6 weeks to get to this point, but I can see CPU utilisation gradually increasing all the time.  I rebooted last night and after settling down CPU utilisation was:


At 11.30pm last night: System 5.5%, Nice 1.4%, User 1.8%

At 8am this morning: System 5.5%, Nice 1.4%, User 3.6%


That may not sound like a lot of increase but this is just over the course of ~8 hours (mostly idle) and happens continuously until the server runs out of puff!


How can I see what is causing this and is there a solution?


Many thanks,


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  • 5 months later...

Resurrecting this topic just to follow up in case it helps anyone in the future.  I tracked down the problem to the built-in MQTT broker used by HomeAssistant.  I disabled this, and instead set up Mosquitto in another Docker container and the ever increasing CPU utilisation has stopped.


Hope that helps someone!


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