Cache shows different files with SMB than AFP


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I'm on Unraid version 6.6.5. I regularly access the cache drive from a Mac (on Sierra) using SMB.

Yesterday, I mounted the cache drive and saw that it only had 1 folder name "ffmeg" at the top level. 

When I mount the cache drive using AFP, I was relieved see all the files I expected. 

I can continue to connect with AFP instead of SMB, but I'm wondering what could be the underlying cause. All of the other shares show identical content whether mounted with SMB of AFP except the cache drive.

Does anyone have any idea what could cause this? 

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2 hours ago, kamhighway said:

I regularly access the cache drive from a Mac (on Sierra) using SMB.


I mounted the cache drive


When I mount the cache drive using AFP

What exactly do you mean by this? You can only mount shares using network protocols, not disks. Are you talking about a cache-only share, or something different?

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4 hours ago, Squid said:

You should post the diagnostics.  One direction I'm thinking is that you have multiple shares (eg: Movies and movies) that are named identically, but differing only in case.

Or since you are sharing disks (which I don't recommend) you have somehow created a user share named after one of your disks such as cache.

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Fix common problems has been trying to tell you why

Nov 29 22:22:04 media root: Fix Common Problems: Error: Share cache is identically named to a disk share

This share exists on disk #1, and it being a duplicate of the disk share is going to cause havoc with smb


Generally speaking, it is usually not recommended to enable disk shares in conjunction with user shares, but that is strictly speaking not the issue here.  You're going to have to move those files from \\media\disk1\cache to somewhere else and then delete \\media\disk1\cache 

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